Out on the Weekend (4:26) Neil Young cover
Hallelujah (5:46) Leonard Cohen classic
Across the Universe (4:17) Beatles cover
Blackbird (1:42) Beatles cover
Gone (3:09) Love lament
P n' O (2:50) A melancholy gem featuring piano, a vocal duet (with Will Shannon) and electric guitar
Music for Yoga Studios (4:24) Meditative, dark, trancey
Now (2:02) Instrumental, mellow, acoustic
DnBuzz (2:49) An experiment in beat boxing and drum n' bass
Half (2:10) 2/3 groove, 1/3 funk, Half fully rocks.
Breathe (5:28) An experiment in ambient improvisation
Film Fest (0:43) Intro song for a documentary on the great VIFF marathon of 2002
MCV Loop (0:19) A loop used for a Flash movie on a now defunct video gaming zine's web site